Notes Mike Refuerzo

INSPIRE. homemade. love. keep it local. calas park. haloeofak. think different. top to bottom. analog. fela kuti. TEACH THE CHILDREN. classic. knowledge. wisdom. understanding. truth. mother nature. design. all black everything. RAISE KIDS. food shelter clothing. focused daily. show and prove. fight. all day all night. AJ3. am/pm. keep it movin'. don't sleep. WORK HARD. all day every day. one 4 all 4 one. soul. build and destroy. shoot film. eat vegetables. overstand. obama. simple man. young blood. build. grind. believe. for the people. friends+family. GOD. channel light. blessed. self. health is wealth. dilla. travel. grind. MAKE STUFF. quiet storm. basic instruction before leaving earth. tomorrow. jazz. folks. for the love of basketball. three eyes. los angeles. future unlimited. 90745.
justify bandaid